The Love Station Foundation is an American based organization striving to provide patrons with the resources, information, and tools they will need to live a better lifestyle, including a healthier diet, mindset, body, and thoughts. Rodrigo O Bello is the founder of the Love Station Foundation. He is a Brazilian corporate lawyer who decided to dedicate his life to promoting love as a way of life to humanity. His background in LOVE and spirituality started with his grandfather Luiz George de Oliveira Bello, a famous doctor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His grandfather taught him a very important lesson that drives him in his journey: We are all one!

We want to help encourage the LOVE you feel for yourself, and by extension the world you are connected to. We hold services where you can attend classes and learn about meditation, yoga, animals, diets, and many more humanitarian and environmental causes. You can even participate in events that help support and fund resources for just causes around the globe, or right here in your community. We want to help make the world a place that is driven by LOVE, with your help.