AUSTIN (KXAN) — After two record-setting years in a row, 2024 is likely to be another incredibly busy year at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Last year saw a little more than 22 million passengers fly in and out of AUS, more than 1 million more than the previous record, set in 2022.

KXAN is keeping track of all the numbers. Follow along with our interactive charts below.

We have created several interactive charts to help break down the data so it’s easier to navigate all the passenger numbers. Scroll down to explore all the data, or jump to a specific question using these links:

What’s the busiest year on record?

2023 was a record year at AUS, by far. More than 22 million passengers boarded a flight in or out of the airport, more than 1 million more than the previous record set in 2022.

For 2024, we have passenger totals for January through March at this point. More than 4.8 million passengers have been reported so far, about 47,000 fewer than last year’s record total.

What’s the busiest month on record?

July 2023 stands as the busiest month ever at AUS, with more than 2.04 million passengers. Only four other months have seen more than 2 million passengers: October 2023, May 2022, June 2023 and October 2022.

We’re keeping track of the monthly passenger totals in 2024 in the chart below.

Last year, nine months set new records. So far this year, January and March just missed out on setting a monthly record, while February barely set a new record.

What’s the busiest day on record?

Oct. 23, 2023, stands as the current busiest day on record, with more than 43,000 passengers reported. The spike in passenger totals came as travelers left Austin after F1 weekend.

Days during SXSW, Spring Break and Austin City Limits music festival also feature in the top 10 busiest days on record.

Which airline carries the most passengers?

Southwest Airlines is the largest airline operating at AUS in terms of passenger traffic. The airline accounts for about 42% of all passengers so far this year.

American Airlines comes next, accounting for 22% of passengers. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines often trade places in third and fourth place, ahead of a distant fifth-place Alaska Airlines.

Which airlines are seeing the most growth?

The chart below shows how passenger totals have accumulated through the year. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select a specific airline.

The chart below shows year-over-year growth in passenger totals. If a month is colored green, passenger totals were higher in 2024 than the same month in 2023. If red, the number of passengers decreased.

The chart below shows how passenger totals in 2024 compare to 2023. If an airline has a green box in a certain month, it means the airline saw an increase in passengers compared to the same month in 2023. If the box is red, the airline saw a drop in passengers that month.

For example, Delta Air Lines saw a 15% increase in passengers in January 2024 compared to January 2023. Meanwhile, the number of passengers flying with Spirit Airlines dropped by 65%.

What new routes are coming in 2024?

Several airlines have launched or announced new routes in 2024. We have a running list in the table below.

If a route is brand new to the airport, it will be highlighted yellow in the right-hand column. Others listed in the table are new routes for a specific airline, but the route is already offered by a competing airline.

Here’s some of our previous reporting on the new routes coming to AUS in 2024:

What routes have been canceled in 2024?

More than 20 nonstop routes from AUS have been canceled so far this year. The vast majority of those are by American Airlines, which announced in November 2023 that it would cut several routes between January and April.

Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic have also canceled routes in 2024.

Here’s some of our previous reporting on the canceled routes from AUS in 2024: