As campaign season nears, politicians are turning up the volume on campaign rhetoric. To cut through the noise, we’re launching Campaign Context, a weekly series providing clarity on the messages you’re hearing from candidates on the campaign trail. We’re digging past the politics and into the facts to provide you with the transparent, spin-free information you need to make informed decisions this election season.

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Why did Nikki Haley outperform Donald Trump in Austin?

With the Texas presidential primaries in the rearview mirror we wanted to know: what does Nikki Haley’s strong primary performance in Austin mean for the general election?

How political parties award delegates and who gets to be one

When it comes to the presidential race, those who cast their ballots will really be deciding how many party delegates the candidates each receive. Those delegates then select the party nominees during a vote at the party conventions later in the summer.

Did Nikki Haley really need South Carolina to win the White House?

As the former governor of the state, did Nikki Haley really need South Carolina to keep her presidential aspirations alive?

The March primary in Texas is often more important than the November general election

Early voting is now underway for the Texas primaries on March 5. Voters will be choosing their party nominees for everything from the president of the United States to justice of the peace in your local county.

The winning candidates will then represent their respective parties on the November ballot. But in a lot of races, the primary election is perhaps even more important than November’s general election.

Did Nikki Haley really oppose Trump’s border wall?

Speaking at a campaign event in Portsmouth last Wednesday, former President Donald Trump repeated a claim that his GOP presidential primary rival Nikki Haley “opposed” his border wall. Earlier this month, the Trump campaign posted a 30-second ad on the social media platform X, making the same accusation against the former governor and U.N. ambassador.

So what did Haley really say about Trump’s border wall?

How often does New Hampshire predict the nominees?

How indicative are the New Hampshire results when it comes to determining the eventual party nominees? For Republicans, the answer is very indicative, at least over the last few election cycles.

How important is an Iowa Caucus win to the presidential race?

Iowa was the first state to choose its nominees for president. Voters braved freezing temperatures on Monday and overwhelmingly chose former President Donald Trump as their Republican nominee. But why do candidates focus so heavily on Iowa, and how often does a winner there go on to win their party’s nomination?

What data says about Sen. Cruz’s illegal immigration claims

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is looking for reelection next year. On his podcast recently, Cruz criticized President Joe Biden on the topic of the border and said, “When Biden came into power, he inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years.”

A closer look at Travis County’s bond proposal

KXAN took a closer look at the Travis County bond election including what it could mean for property tax bills and how much the bond could really total when one accounts for the added interest on the bond money.

Checking President Biden’s claims over border wall funding

We’re digging into President Biden’s claims his hand was forced to waive federal laws to allow border wall construction to resume on the Texas-Mexico border.

Colin Allred’s election claims against Ted Cruz

We explore U.S. Rep. Colin Allred’s, D-Dallas, recent comments about U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and the 2020 election.

Sen. Gutierrez says Republicans favor common sense gun reform

Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez, D-San Antonio, hopes to unseat U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in the 2024 election, and we’re diving into a recent comment he made about gun reform.

Sen. Cruz’s claims about Biden inflation don’t hold up

On his recent podcast, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz went after President Joe Biden when it comes to inflation and the economy.

DeSantis says record numbers of Chinese nationals crossing border

In this Campaign Context video, we’re examining comments made by Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron Desantis while he was campaigning at the Texas border in June.

President Biden claims he created record number of jobs

Kicking off KXAN’s Campaign Context series, we take a look at a comment from President Joe Biden touting job growth within his Bidenomics plan.

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