Editor’s Note: The video above shows the latest from the KXAN First Warning Weather team.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — When it comes to the weather, there are a lot of numbers to keep track of: highs, lows and rainfall totals to name just a few.

KXAN has created the charts and graphics below to help you keep track of whatever weather 2024 brings.

For more weather data, click here to see Austin’s heat and cold records or click here to see Austin’s rain and snow records. You can also see records for each month here. And click here to see weather data from 2023.

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Austin’s high temperature in 2023 was 110°, on Aug. 17. The low temperature for the year was 29°, set on both Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. Here’s how 2024 is shaping up:

The chart below shows the high temperature recorded in Austin each day in 2024.

Here’s a look at how high temperatures each day compare to normal. If a day is colored red, it was hotter than average. If blue, it was colder than average.

Here’s where we’re keeping track of temperature records set in 2024. Last year, Camp Mabry set 35 new record-high temperatures and 25 record-warm low temperatures.

Last year saw 80 days of triple-digit heat, the second-most ever in Austin. The record was set in 2011, with 90 days at or above 100°.

The chart below shows the average temperature for each month, when both highs are lows are taken into account. Click the arrow in the top right to see how each month compares to average.


Camp Mabry ended 2023 with 26.83″ of rain, while the airport received 26.99″ in total. Here’s how 2024 is shaping up:

Here’s a look at the rainfall totals each month, and how they compare to average.

Severe weather

Central Texas is no stranger to severe weather. We’re keeping track of how many warnings are issued across the 15-county KXAN viewing area in 2024.

Click here for the latest forecast from the KXAN First Warning Weather team.