KXAN is investigating the Texas Attorney General’s Crime Victims’ Compensation program and its impact on victims and family members seeking help to rebuild their lives in the wake of violent crime. We first revealed thousands of survivors are waiting six months or more, on average, to get their claims processed and receive assistance. This includes relocation expenses for domestic violence victims who need to move quickly, reimbursements for hospital bills, therapy costs and lost wages. In some cases, survivors are waiting so long for help, they are threatened with being sent to collections. In 2023, KXAN’s reporting led to a new state law expanding funding and resources to this backlogged state division. Our coverage continues.

Part 1: ‘Retraumatizing’

Following a violent assault, Dana Ewing waited years for money Texas owes.

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Part 2: ‘Heartbreaking’

Lawmakers eye fixes to Texas crime victim fund after KXAN investigation.

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Part 3: ‘Harmed by violence’

Texas crime survivors rally for safety and justice at State Capitol.

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Part 4: ‘Arduous journey’

A Texas crime victim bill clears the House and heads to the governor.

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Part 5: ‘Need to heal’

Payment delays worsen in Texas Crime Victim Compensation Program.

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Part 6: ‘Expand eligibility’

A bill expanding crime victim compensation in Texas is signed into law.

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Part 7: ‘Protective net’

Hope and uncertainty surface as new crime victim rules take effect.

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Part 8: ‘Thrown into the air’

Hit by stolen car, one victim isn’t alone waiting months for state help.

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Part 9: ‘Disservice to victims’

A former division official says skewed math obscures compensation delays.

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Part 10: ‘Data is critical’

A Texas lawmaker steps in to improve the state’s crime victim compensation system.

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