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If you need an instant way to brighten and add life to your space, a houseplant can do it. They’re home décor that’s literally alive, which adds color, texture, visual interest and life, all in one pot. But if you have pets, you probably already know you need to be careful with plants. Pets love to sniff, chew and dig, and some houseplants can be toxic for them. So we love that certain online plant retailers are now labeling their “pet-friendly” offerings and collections, making it easy for those of us who share our homes with furry family members to shop for greenery worry-free.

One of those is easyplant, a very cool concept that will ship you plants in self-watering planters. All you have to do is fill them up about once a month. The plants then water themselves from the reservoir at the bottom, so if you’re someone lacking a green thumb who tends to neglect houseplants, these are some that even you can keep alive (trust me, if I can keep it alive, anyone can).

In this article: The Sill New Digs Pet-Friendly Plant Trio, easyplant Parlor Palm and easyplant Money Tree

Our list below contains some great options from easyplant, as well as The Sill, in case you do have a green thumb and want to shop for pet-friendly plants you can put in your own decorative planters. In other words, you can find just the right greenery for your space, and your pets are sure to love it too.

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Shop these pet-friendly plants and sets to add some greenery to your home that you and your furry friends can enjoy

The Sill New Digs Pet Friendly Plant Trio

The Sill New Digs Pet-Friendly Plant Trio

This trio of popular plants from The Sill includes a large Majesty Palm, medium Bird’s Nest Fern, and small Hoya Tricolor, so you get a range of sizes and types of plants to add variety to your greenery.

Easyplant Parlor Palm

easyplant Parlor Palm

easyplant’s Parlor Palm only needs to be watered once a month, and can grow to an impressive 6 feet tall. Choose from seven self-watering planter colors, and get it on a plant stand for extra height, if you want.

Easyplant Money Tree

easyplant Money Tree

Money trees are said to bring luck and prosperity. This one from easyplant also waters itself, so it’s easy to keep alive. Choose from six self-watering planter colors to get just the right look to complement your space and aesthetic.

The Sill Olive Tree

The Sill Olive Tree

Olive trees are super trendy right now. This one from The Sill is pretty, pet-friendly and ships right to your home.

The Sill Pet-Friendly Plant Parent Set with Planters

The Sill Pet-Friendly Plant Parent Set with Planters

This set from The Sill includes a variety of pet-friendly plants — you pick whether you want to receive three or five, and then you’ll get a surprise arrangement with planters.

Easyplant Cast Iron Plant

easyplant Cast Iron Plant

Only water this sturdy plant once a month thanks to easyplant. Choose from five planter colors and get it with an optional plant stand to add height.

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