Today, the world faces many challenges; famine, war, inequality, and poor medical care, just to name a few. We believe all of these challenges are a result of our disconnection from what really matters: LOVE. Before doing anything, we have to ask ourselves: am I choosing LOVE as the main principle of my life? Am I loving myself and others when I take action in my life?

When the moment comes that each and every person in the world chooses LOVE as their goal, we will solve all of these challenges. There’s enough food grown on Earth to feed the entire human population, the problem of course, is the intention of the food distribution. If we change our intention to do with LOVE, our goal will be dissipate the famine. Finally, we are going to work to find a solution to everyone has access to food. Therefore, if we are able to distribute our love between ourselves and every living thing on Earth, we may find that our worldly challenges ease and dissipate.

To help aid in this realization we encourage people to do every little thing in their life with LOVE. From the most mundane things like breathing, eating, and walking, to the most complex and powerful things like talking, volunteering, and working.

If you infuse your daily life with LOVE for yourself, your planet, and your fellow animals and human beings, you will begin to change your actions. You will not complain or criticize others or yourself, you will find more time in your day to volunteer, you will find yourself seeing the world as a wonderful place to live, and you will find yourself to be a blessed living being in happiness.

This pleasant feeling can be infectious, and can definitely motivate both you and the people around you to contribute to spreading a way of life where acting with LOVE is your life principle.

Our goal is to help you LOVE yourself and others, and to help you understand that your actions should be undertaken with LOVE.

We support our patrons through our contributions to their daily lives, like meditation classes, yoga classes, tai chi classes, and the many other classes they may take at our center. These techniques have allowed more people to find the LOVE inside themselves. Our staff and volunteers maintain a culture where they work with LOVE.

Our patrons then support very important causes through our events. Profits from each event are put towards a humanitarian or environmental objective where the intention is to spread LOVE around the planet.