We provide a variety of services to our patrons to teach them how they may incorporate love into their daily lives. We work on the many aspects of daily life we believe we can improve. This work is done to help you become connected to not only your inner self, but the world.

This includes exercises and yoga instructions to connect the mind and the body and consciously encourage the body to relax, so that you are more open to love in the world. These exercises are often accompanied by breathing exercises that enable you to concentrate on the task at hand and practice discipline.

We also teach the practice of meditation for the purpose of serenity and to further sharpen your mind. You may also choose to explore other dietary options with regard to self-care and your body, such as veganism and other cruelty free diets.

These services are provided at our facilities or during some of our many events where we also raise money and resources for important causes! This is where your compassion and love go when you attend our events and support us, check them out on Our Projects.